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Professional ice carver for over 20 years, Samuel Girault, accompanied by his team, can perform any type of ice sculpture. Finished sculptures or live demonstration, ice carving that will amaze your guests. Throughout his career, our sculptor has participated in sculpture competitions recognized worldwide.

Ice story

After much research, we have you gather information on the origins of ice carving, evolution, going from the smallest to the most gigantic ice sculptures. The early origins of ice sculptures seem to come from Europe, especially Italian fishermen before the XVI century. Italian and Spanish fishermen were the first to use ice to preserve their tide during their fishing trips. It seems that during the long days some Italian fishermen, began to carve the ice to care. In France, in the early seventeenth century, ice was used only to cool drinks… It would be finally in 1671 that Vatel, so “butler” Prince of Condé (Chantilly’s Castle) was making a banquet of fish served on “a sea of ice” making ice sculptures paying tribute to Helios, the Sun God.

Thereafter, ice sculpture are made appearance in Russia with Ice Palace achievements of which the best known, is probably the one that will frame a very bad joke: under the influence of the extravagant Empress Anne Ivanovna, an Ice Palace was built to celebrate the wedding night of a fallen prince and a maid… It will rise on the frozen Neva river (near St Petersburg) during the winter of 1739-1740. In the nineteenth century, the ice trade became an industry whose purpose was to harvest ice blocks natural, then sold to traders, industrialists and consumers. It seems that it is at this time that the ice sculpture was actually developed, improved and perfected either by the Chinese, the Japanese and the Canadians and Americans. Today, ice carving is popular worldwide as well for receptions, events and festivals.

Awards and distinctions

World Champion
Gaeta - Italy
2020, 2023

Obtaining of the « Canada Cup »
Canada’s most prestigious ice carving award

Gold Medal – International Championship
Ottawa – Canada
2017, 2013, 2009

Silver Medal – International Championship
Poznan – Pologne

Silver Medal – World Championship
Fairbanks – Alaska
2010, 2011

Gold Medal – International Championship
Ottawa – Canada
2009, 2013

Gold Medal – International Championship
Poznan – Pologne
2007, 2008, 2012

Silver Medal – International Championship
Ottawa – Canada
2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

Guinness Record (Dubaï)
Participation in the largest
sculpture in the world of 12.28m

Sculptors’ Award
Olympic Winter Games of Vancouver - Canada

Gold Medal – Championship France

Gold Medal - Cup France
Le Grand Bornand

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