Liveshow, Sculpture workshop and Team building.

Our team hosts your events live shaping a raw block of ice under the eyes amazed and captivated by your guests. The show will captivate and seduce the magnificence of the material and the speed of the executed movement.

The sculptor roughs the block of ice and shapes the material, creating the desired sculpture. The hardness and resistance of ice require the use of tools often unexpected by the public such as chainsaws, saws, sanders, ice scissors and even irons or blowtorches. The originality and magic of this unique and ephemeral art will seduce your guests, amazed by the crystalline brilliance of the ice.

Sculpture workshop

We also offer initiation to ice carving for children at school or for various events (Christmas market, special animation…) and for older children, in companies during "end of year celebrations" or for any other event.


3 rue de la Cité Firmin Bourgeois
93350 Le Bourget

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