Achievement for buffet

Be seduced by the combination of freshness and originality, combining magic and fantasy: champagne buckets, glasses, fruit cups, seafood platters, candlesticks, candelabras, vases, columns, dessert displays, or a theme (sea, north pole, film, cartoon, architecture…). We can also more abstract sculptures and design, or simply inclusions (food, bottles, flowers…). This wide range of decorations will make your evening a unique moment!

Many ornaments that will put the magic in the center of your table or your buffet!

Temporary Bar and Space lounge

Installed in a place at room temperature, ice bar and decor (furniture, sofa, table, chandelier, column…) are arranged on recovery of water tanks. We take care of the installation, the illumination and the recovery at the end of service. Inclusions (fruits, flowers, bottles, gadgets…) are quite possible as well as logos and Photocall. We welcome your suggestions!

Image Gallery: achievement for buffet

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