Ice Bars

A unique experience of its kind for tasting cocktails. The Ice Bar is installed in a location with negative temperature. His furniture (bar, coffee tables, armchairs, according to the theme backgrounds…) is made only of crystalline ice or different textures, which will be highlighted by the play of light, creating a special and unique atmosphere! Inclusions (fruits, flowers, bottles, gadgets …) are possible as well as logos, prints… You will be able to enjoy cocktails and mocktails or even champagne.


Your Ice Bar at your disposal for all your parties.

We also offer you glasses in ice for an even more frosty tasting. At its creation, the Ice Bar generally follows a theme for your guests or customers arrive in a place that will make them dream. For all project requests, we will follow you advice and we will throughout creation with drawings and simulations. We welcome your suggestions!


3 rue de la Cité Firmin Bourgeois
93350 Le Bourget

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